Chesil Report July 2021

Chesil beach report by Gareth Mayers

The past month has been a struggle for some anglers

and brilliant for others along chesil. The biggest challenge at the moment is still having to deal with the amount of spider crabs but thankfully they seem to be decline. 

The mackerel are still very patchy although you still stand a good chance of a healthy bag at first or last light with the deeper end of the beach seeing vast shoals mackerel smashing white bait onto the shingle bank. 

Ferrybridge end has also been producing the first of the gurnards with plenty of reds showing. If you can bag yourself a few mackerel then there’s no better bait to target a few of these stunning fish. 

It shouldn’t be to long now before the numbers of black bream start to show as july in the past has been a very productive month for me on the bream although they did show a little late last year so I’m half expecting the same this time round. 

A decent sized rag bait or a slither of squid on a size 2 hook coupled with some 5mm yellow/green beads usually does the trick if not change it up a little a try a pop-up for extra attraction. Some of the best times to target the better sized bream are at first light with the sun not even above the horizon fished over high water. 

The ray fishing along Chesil is still providing some decent sized fish and is doing really well on the number of species of ray being caught with 6 species of ray being landed over the past month by various anglers. 

Name another uk beach that can produce that! 

(Blonde, small eyed, spotted, thornback, undulates and a stinger caught by Michael Asher.) 

At night the smooth hound will be most anglers main target with peeler being the best bait. A nice calm night at high water could produce some big conger on big fish baits with fish ranging from 20-40lb sometimes showing themselves. 

As the spider crabs start to disperse the number of flatfish should start to see an increase finally giving them a chance to find the baits before the crabs get a chance. 

Until next time tight lines! 

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