Chesil Report June 2021

Chesil beach report by Gareth Mayers

The general fishing along the beach has been very on and off lately with spider crab being an extreme nuisance at times and now the may bloom has also started which does tend to put the fish down a bit. 

On the plus side the May bloom doesn’t last too long. Give it a couple of weeks and the water clarity will be back to normal. It all depends on weather and sea conditions to how long the bloom will last.

The fishing hasn’t been all doom and gloom as there has been some good action on the hounds and many species of ray.

Ben Stockley headed out and was rewarded with some cracking rays including small eyed and a lovely marked thorny. 

One thing for sure the incline in Thornback Ray numbers have taken lots of us by surprise. Whilst anglers have been targeting the more fashionable small eyed and Undulate Rays, I don’t think there are many people moaning if they do manage to pick one up and it is a positive sign for the future. 

The smoothhound has probably been the best species to target lately with some nice fish up into the double figure bracket and probably an average size of 6-8lb.

Jon Cleal took hit the beach with family in tow and they all managed to land some stunning fish with Max landing a beast going 12LB 3oz! 

Well done Max! 

The main reason why there are good hounds to be had is they love crab and year after year as soon as the spiders start the hounds are never too far behind. Best baits to target the smoothhound is hermit or peeler. They love them!

Crab baits also tend to keep the spiders off that little bit longer giving fish a chance to find your bait.

As for the ray fishing along Chesil, it has slowed up but again slightly but i don’t think its because they are not there, its that the crabs are on the baits before the ray can get a chance to find the baits. Not long now and the spiders will start moving back out to sea giving the fish a chance to take the bait.

June is the start of some of the best fishing along Chesil with the black bream showing in numbers by the end of the month along the eastern stretches of the beach.

 Ferrybridge being the hot spot! 

Gurnard will well and trully be in. 

Simon Critchell landed a stunning grey recently and we should also see the first of the red mullet start to make an appearance. 

Until next time tight lines! 

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