Chesil Report May 2021

Chesil beach report by Gareth Mayers

Personally I love this time of year, purely because the water and air temperature start to rise which in turn draws in the summer species that Chesil can provide. The beach has to be one of the only venues that could possibly chuck up a vast variety of uk inshore species of fish on a single session. There have already been reports of bream, grey and red gurnard, mackerel and hounds starting to show which is a good sign! 
We’ve recently had a long spell of high pressure, N/E winds and bright sky’s which some people would think is ideal but fishing in these conditions can prove to be fairly hard at times but that’s Chesil for you. One day could be a red letter day, the next nothing! 
The plaice fishing started fairly well for most fishing along the west end of the beach with some anglers doing well on numbers but unfortunately the size isn’t quite there yet. I ventured down after the restrictions eased to try and temp an early plaice and managed 5 flatties before the bites died off unfortunately nothing over the 1lb mark but I suppose that’s what to expect early in the season. 
On the plus side the flatties will fatten up as the summer progresses but for now the dreaded spider crab has started to show which will smother your bait before anything else has a chance to investigate. 
There’s a couple of ways to combat this; •Pop-ups can used to suspend your bait in hope that your bait is out of reach of the claws.•braided snoods will increase the time of a crab cutting your hook length. •Changing your baits more regularly. The crab activity will fade away at certain states of tide allowing the odd fish to finally find your bait but they generally will return again. 
The smoothies should become more present as time goes on which can provide great sport at times. They generally stamp of fish along Chesil are around 4-6lb but sometimes that cracker come out! Ed Povey managed a lovely hound on a recent trip to the beach, well done! 
There have been some cracking undulate rays caught recently. You can find these fish usually along the whole length of Chesil and remember these beautiful fish feed closer in, normally in what most call the ‘gutter’ which causes a natural gulley along the sea bed holding all the free offerings for the undulates to feed on. 
Now is the time to dust off your kit and get out there! 
Until next time tight lines and good luck! 

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