East Sussex July 2021

East Sussex Diary by Kevin Morgan

Todd Blackford with a 41lb tope

On Monday 10th May 25 anglers fished in Pevensey Bay, with several anglers catching thornback rays(all returned alive!). The winner was Keith Hesling with 3 rays for a total of 14lb 1 ¾ oz. Second Paul King with 9lb 5 ½ oz, including the biggest fish, a thornback of 8lb 10 ½ oz. Third David Tame with 6lb 10 ½ oz and fourth Colin Isaacs with 3lb 3oz incl heaviest flatfish a flounder of 10oz.
On Tuesday 25th May, 24 anglers fished in Pevensey Bay and again several rays were caught. The winner was Glyn Morgan with 2 rays for 9lb 14 ½ oz. Second Les Glazzard with 8lb 1 ½ oz. Third Kevin Morgan with 8lb and fourth Jim Whippy with 5lb 5 ½ oz. The heaviest fish was a thornback of 6lb 4oz for Les Glazzard and the heaviest flatfish was a flounder of 11oz shared between Tim Lane and Dave Powell.
Wednesday 9th June 23 anglers fished in Pevensey Bay and fishing was very slow. The winner was Colin Findley with a lovely gilthead bream of 15oz. 2nd Phil Taylor with 10 ½ oz. 3rd James Blackmar with 7oz and 4th Matt Cox with 6oz. Heaviest fish was the gilhead bream for Colin Findley and heaviest flat was a dab of 3 ½ oz for Colin Everest.
Wednesday 23rd June and 24 anglers fished with some nice mixed bags being caught! The winner was Jim Whippy with 6lb 10 ½ oz, 2nd James Wood with 3lb ½ oz. 3rd Colin Everest with 2lb 12 ½ oz and 4th James Blackmar with 1lb 13oz. The heaviest fish was a smoothound of 4lb 4oz for Jim Whippy and the heaviest flat was a sole of 1lb for Jay Blackmar.
The first match in July held on Thursday 8th,saw 22 anglers fish although fishing was again difficult. The winner was Paul King with 2 smoothounds for 15lb 10 ½ oz. 2nd Dave Tame with 3 smoothounds for 13lb 13 ¼ oz. 3rd Ollie Franks with a smoothound of 5lb 1oz and 4th Jay Blackmar with eel and sole for 2lb 8 ¼ oz. The biggest fish was a smoothound of 8lb 2oz for Paul King and the heaviest flat a sole of 9 ¼ oz for Gary Banfield.

On Sunday 23rd May The club fished in Pevensey Bay with only 6 managing to weigh in. The winner Kevin Merner had 2lb 1oz including a 14oz plaice. 2nd Les Glazzard with 2lb and 3rd Tim Harmer with 15oz.
On Saturday 12th June 14 anglers fished in Eastbourne with a variety of fish caught. Including smoothound, pout and sole. The winner was Peter Fountain with smoothounds for 12lb 5oz, including one of 7lb 9oz. 2nd Les Glazzard with a smoothound of 5lb 7oz and 3rd Mark Underhill with 4lb.
On Sunday 27th June the club fished in Pevensy Bay in difficult conditions. The winner was Kevin Merner with 3 sole for 1lb 12oz. 2nd David Tame with 3 eels for 1lb 4oz and 3rd Ken Filtness with 14oz.

On Monday 10th May 24 anglers fished at Langney Point the 3rd and final leg of the Flack cup. 1st Wesley Sargeant with 3 smoothounds for 20lb 15oz.2nd Tony Kirrage with 2 hounds for 17lb 14oz. 3rd Ed Holyoak with 1 hound for 12lb 6oz and 4th Chris Kirrage with 3lb 13oz. The biggest fish was a smoothound of 12lb 6 ¼ oz for Ed Holyoak.
On Sunday 16th May 15 anglers fished in hard conditions with only 5 anglers weighing in. The winner was a junior angler Darcy Gifford with a bass of 2lb 8 ½ oz. 2nd Jason Carter with 1lb 12oz. 3rd Darren McVay with 1lb 10oz and 4th Phil Chapman with 1lb 7oz. Heaviest fish was the bass of 2lb 8 ½ oz for Darcy Gifford and the heaviest flat a plaice of 10oz for Jason Carter.
On Saturday 12th June 17 anglers fished at Langney Point with 9 anglers catching fish. The winner was Joe Plumstead with a smoothound and the biggest fish for 6lb 2oz. 2nd Junior angler Teddy Cox with a ray and flounder for 5lb 4oz. 3rd Matt Baker with a ray for 4lb 14oz. And 4th Matt Gifford with 4lb 2oz. Heaviest flat was a 3 way tie for Grant Bryant(sole) Matt Cox (plaice) and Teddy Cox (flounder) at 6oz.
On Thursday 24th June 17 fished in Eastbourne with the winner Dan Abbott catching an 8lb 10oz smoothound. 2nd Joe Plumstead with a sole and plaice for 1lb 6oz. 3rd Dan Wood wiith 1lb 2oz and 4th David Elstone with 8oz. Dan Abbott caught the biggest fish with his 8lb 10oz smoothound and the heaviest flat was shared at 8oz between Joe Plumstead (sole) and David Elstone (plaice).

The last couple of months have been interesting with many changes in the weather not helping !! We started to see some mackerel through the area then as quickly as they turned up the weather changed and we are again struggling to find any. The fishing from both beaches and boats has still been quite good despite the weather ! with plenty of smoothounds , still some nice rays and some sole and bass showing from the shore. West Sussex still producing nice Undulate rays from the shore. The boats are still catching lots of tope as well as pollack, black bream, bass and occasional cod. The blackfords from their own boat Blackbird have caught lots of nice tope> Paul and Lynne Stonestreet have caught plenty of species including some good pollack and occasional cod.

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