East Sussex May 2021

East Sussex Diary by Kevin Morgan

Nick Wyndham with a lovely possibly double figure bass

This match was a charity match as a tribute to local Angler Tony Honeysette with £10 of the entry going to The Samaritans !! The competition was fished as a specimen hunt during April with 6 named categories. Plaice, Bass, Dogfish, Dab, Ray and biggest other. The plaice winner was Jay Blackmar with 1lb ½ oz. Bass winner Peter Cornwall 4lb ½ oz. Dogfish winner Dias Ham 2lb. Dab winner James Wood 7 ½ oz. Ray winner Peter Cornwall 11lb 4oz, and best other a pout of 11oz for Damion Chant.

21 Anglers fished on Monday 26th April including 1 junior, with plenty of fish weighed in !! including bass, dogfish, plaice, dab, rockling pout, flounder, eels pout and whiting. 1st Chris Kirrrage with 2 bass and dogfish for 10lb 15oz. 2nd Dan Wood 4lb 8oz. 3rd Grant Bryant 2lb 2oz and 4th Colin Findley 1lb 1oz. Heaviest flatfish was a plaice of 10oz for Dan Abbott and heaviest round and superpool winner was a bass of 5lb 12oz for Chris Kirrage.

23 Anglers fished the competition on Monday 26th April with some anglers fishing both matches that were at Langney Point on Monday. The winner of the Nomads was Chris Kirrage with 11lb. 2nd Colin Essery 3lb 10oz. 3rd Richard Newman 3lb 8oz. 4th Steve Kerr 3lb 6oz and 4th Gerald Sargeant 3lb. The heaviest fish was the 5lb 12oz bass for Chris Kirrage. Over 60 fish were caught and 9 different species !!

On Thursday 8th April 25 Anglers fished in Pevensey Bay and it was the 1st leg of the spring cup! The winner with 2lb 15oz including the biggest fish a mullet of 1lb 9 ¾ oz was Paul King. 2nd Tony Kirrage (guest) with 2lb 13 ½ oz. 3rd Matt Cox with 2lb 4 ½ oz. 4th Colin Isaacs 1lb 14oz and 5th Jack Wiltshire 1lb 10 ½ oz. Heaviest round was the mullet of 1lb 9 ¾ oz for Paul King and the heaviest flat was a plaice for Tony Kirrage.
On Tuesday 27th April 28 anglers fished in Pevensey Bay with more than 70 fish caught !! The winner was Tim Lane with 4lb 3 ½ oz, including a bass and dogfish. 2nd Jim Whippy 3lb 12 ¼ oz. 3rd Matt Cox 3lb 8 ½ oz. 4th Colin Isaacs 3lb 6 ¼ oz and 5th Colin Everest 2lb 9 ½ oz. The heaviest round was a smoothound of 2lb 6 ¾ oz for Mark Franks and the heaviest flat a flounder of 1lb 3 ½ oz for Dave Powell. 11 different species were caught on the night ! bass, smoothound, pout, whiting, dogfish, ling, eel, flounder, sole, plaice and dab.

The big fish was held on Saturday 24th April and was fished by 25 club members. The idea is we only record the biggest round and flat caught by each angler, so only a maximum of 2 fish can be weighed by each competitor. The cash prizes are awarded to the top 3 round fish and the top 3 flat fish plus top 3 combined. Unfortunately fishing was very hard on the day and only 1 angler managed to catch a round and flat fish!!. Heaviest round 1st Jay Blackmar whiting 6 ½ oz. 2nd Steve Kerr 6oz and 3rd Paul King 5 ¾ oz. Heaviest Flatfish 1st Colin Isaacs flounder 7oz. 2nd Steve Kerr Dab 3 ½ oz and 3rd Gary Banfield dab 2 ½ oz. The combined winner with 9 ½ oz was Steve Kerr.

On Monday 12th April 20 over fifties fished in Normans Bay, using catch and release charts with everything over 18cm counting. 1st Darren Smith 10 fish 149 pts. 2nd Peter Cracknell 11 fish 126 pts. 3rd Keith Erridge 117 pts and 4th Mike Perfect 93 pts. Biggest round was a smoothound of 47cm for Darren Smith and the biggest flat a plaice of 36cm for Peter Cracknell.
On Thursday 29th April they again fished at Normans Bay with 24 taking part. 1st with 3 fish and 131 pts was Tony Kirrage. 2nd Keith Erridge 4 fish 117 pts. 3rd Martin Sherwin 106 pts and 4th Peter Cracknell 102 pts. Biggest round was a bass of 42cm for Dave Howell and heaviest flat a plaice of 28cm.

On Sunday 25th April 18 anglers fished the competition in Pevensey Bay. The winner with 2 bass was Paul Christopher for 5lb 10oz. 2nd Kerry Saint 1lb 9 ½ oz. 3rd Terry Taylor 1lb 1 ½ oz and 4th Gary Banfield 13 ¼ oz. Heaviest round was a bass of 3lb 4oz. The heaviest flat was a flounder of 6oz for Paul King.

The first match was fished on Sunday 11th April with 15 anglers fishing in Pevensey Bay. 1st Fred Puttick 2lb 3oz. 2nd Ken Filtness 2lb 2 ½ oz and 3rd Jason Anderson 1lb 13oz. The second match was fished on Sunday 25th April with several bass caught. 1st Tim Harmer 3lb 12oz (bass). 2nd Karl Puttick 2lb 12 ½ oz and 3rd David Vincent 1lb 2 ½ oz. Biggest fish was a 3lb 12oz bass for Tim Harmer.

The fishing has been very up and down like the weather and temperature. When the boats have managed to go some nice fish have been caught! With the occasional codling,Jim Whippy caught a nice codling on Lucky G on Monday 3rd May and Glen Blackford also had a nice codling from Eastbourne. Some plaice and rays are also being caught. Shore fishing has also been all over the place with some good thornbacks and some plaice and flounders. Jake Davison caught a nice 6lb 6 oz thornback and Chris and Colin Voller had some nice rays in Pevensey Bay. The bass are beginning to show with some nice fish starting to be caught!! Nick Wyndham caught a lovely bass possibly a double figure on lug at Langney Point recently.

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