Lymington July 2021

Lymington report by John Skeggs, Last Laugh Charters

Its good to get my customers back on-board , and seeing them catch some quality fish is even better.
This time of year there are plenty of different species to
target, Bream, Bass, Plaice, Smoothound, Skate, Tope and Mackerel are but a few.
If you would like to target any of these you can call me on 07796023881, I can also offer species competitions, these are very popular.
The plaice are on the sandbanks in good numbers, the early season spent fish have now fattened up and are in good condition. These are well worth targeting.
Bass fishing, come try the float fishing with live-baits. So far this season, our biggest Bass on the floats is 11lb.0oz, a great scrap on a spinning rod.
Bream fishing,a nice relaxing day at anchor. You can fish for Mackerel in between,catch one and you can trot a Portland rig back in the tide with the chance of a Bass. So there it is, plenty of options for the coming months.

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