Poole June 2021

Poole report by Philip Higgins

It is nice to be getting back to enjoying life without too many restrictions and the return of anglers on the boats. During May the Bream dominate the catches and after a slow start they have again returned in numbers this is partly due to years of angling conservation methods from which has steadily seen the numbers grow yearly from near distinction in the early 70s when the culture was far different to today’s anglers. Skippers have played a major role in the sustainability of this fishery and continue to promote and educate conservation methods across all fish stocks. All areas across Poole Bay, Swanage and west towards Kimmeridge have fished well with the larger fish being caught west of Poole, San Gina 11 skipper Tom Greasty landed a 4lb plus Black Bream. Mackeral have arrived quickly followed by Tope which shows summer is nearly here. There have been some good Bass catches offshore and local skipper John Peck produced a 10lb Bass for one of his anglers. 

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