Rehoming Rods

Rehoming Rods by Martin Wood

Martin Wood: So it’s with great pleasure that I have hooked up again with Jason Scott the Eastbourne fisherman on Youtube & Facebook and talk and promote the goals he is setting for the youth in and around sea angling by collecting donations of angling gear to give out as packages for juniors to enable them to get into the sport of sea angling which is something close to my heart as it’s the future of the sport and conservation of our oceans and marine life as well and healthier than sitting in front of a computer all day every day.
Many people forget that anglers are one of the main groups that fight for ocean ecology and fish well being as well as fish populations for the future in nature and to be sustainable for a food source as well!
And what better time could this come about than at present as we are in bad times for marine life and with Covid 19 about as well it’s a great sport for mental well being and what better way to educate people than actually seeing first hand and to mingle with those that do care and are taking an active part in doing something for the future!


Jason Scott Aka Youtuber (The Eastbourne Fisherman):
I have always said from the start of my fishing and Youtube venture, I want to do things that will make a positive change to our amazing sea fishing community.
One thing that struck me was the amount of fishing gear I could find at local car boot fairs and recycling plants or just generally people giving fishing items away.
Surly these items could go to better use rather than that.
So rehoming rods was born! Originally started on my Facebook group UK & IRELAND SEA ANGLERS (THE EASTBOURNE FISHERMAN) to help local kids in the Eastbourne or surrounding areas we initially asked our Facebook group members if they had any old fishing items they would like to donate then we could rehome them with local kids to get the next generation sea fishing.

It has been a huge success with us being able to donate rods, reels and tackle to kids to get them on the beach and away from computers and potential trouble on the streets due to boredom.

My group has been fantastic and I want to thank every member including group admins who have donated items and money to us to put us in the position to be able to do the amazing things we have done, getting fishing gear to family’s from all walks of life some that some potentially cannot afford.

The initial outlay has been highly rewarding and to see the youngsters catch fish and is amazing to know that we have made a difference.
Also a huge thanks goes out to the following tackle shops who have donated items
Tony Tackle, Anglers Den, Tools n Tackle, Channel Angling, Lizard Bait & Tackle And Newhaven Deep Sea Anglers
Rehoming rods has now expanded and we have added two further groups to be able to cover a wider area with Mike Pringuer of Facebook group Sussex Sea Fishing Is covering Brighton and Hove Areas And Wayne Morgan (youtuber Angling Addict 75) And owner of Facebook group Angling Addicts (the reel UK outcasts) Is covering Portsmouth and Southampton areas.

I want to thank them both for the amazing jobs they have done covering their areas and helping more kids to fish. Going forward we would put it out there that if anyone has any items they wish to donate or any tackle shops have excess stock that could be helpful for us to make rigs or anything at all please get in contact with us via Facebook or via email

We are also keen to speak to companies that would be interested in joining us to help get items of fishing gear to these kids too. Only simple things rigs or weights ect.
Huge thanks for reading and we hope we can help more kids and spread the word.

Mike Pringuer: Says “The rehoming project has been great fun to be a part of, not only for getting fishing gear out to kids so they have something more to do but when they also start posting catch reports throughout the groups.
I was involved in a small project that included fishing as a child so it’s been great to give back.”
Wayne Morgan: Says “When I started out fishing I didn’t have anything that was new, I had everything second hand and that’s what I learned with, some of the stuff I still have 40 years later! Even when I got into sea fishing, my first bass at 5.8lb was caught on inherited gear from my father in law!
Being outdoors next to the sea for brilliant sunrises and amazing sunsets is better than any game Xbox or Playstation could ever come up with. My goal is to encourage the younger generation to get out and see what’s there, I have seen so many amazing things while out fishing and I would like the younger generation to experience the same.
Not everyone can afford to get the best gear and all the kit that goes with sea fishing or any fishing for that matter! This is why I have decided to team up with the Eastbourne fisherman and a few other avid angler’s on the “rehoming rods” project.
Donations that I have received from the angling community are tremendous, since I have joined the project tackle shops in my area including Lock stock and tackle in Portsmouth and Cosham angling in Cosham  they have donated mass amounts of kit!
Up to now and through very generous donations the Portsmouth chapter of the Rehoming rods project as rehoused 2 full, Preloved fishing kits, including rod, reel and terminal tackle to get the younger generation off to a good start in their angling Journey. This is what fishing is about.. HELPING EACHOTHER! Tight lines gang!”

Martin Wood: So as you can see the guys are really busy and if you think you can help them out then please contact Jason, Mike or Wayne on their relative pages and even if not pop along to their pages/ groups as they always welcome new members and like shares of your fishing catches large or small in their nice groups with great people in and any level of angler is welcome!
Thanks again guys for all you do and look forwards to a chat again soon.

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