Results July 2021


7th Shore Competition 5th June 2021.

    On Saturday evening Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club held its 7th shore competition which was held at Barton-on-Sea.  The weather for the evening sunny with light winds, five club members signed on but only one managed to weigh in fish.  Best round fish of the evening was a conger eel weighing 1lb 2oz caught by Roland Blomfield.  Best flat fish and best specimen pools are both rollovers till the next competition.

Results:1st Roland Blomfield 1lb 2oz.


Large Boat Competition 13th June 2021

Seven members of Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club headed out into Christchurch Bay for their June Large Boat competition aboard Private Venture, skippered by Art Savage, on one of the hottest days of the year so far. With strongish tides, the decision was made to fish various inshore marks, either drifting or at anchor. Fishing proved to be steady throughout the session, although a lot of the fish were frustratingly undersized. Species caught were black bream, conger eel, dab, dogfish, grey and tub gurnard, mackerel, plaice and undulate ray.


1st: Ed Taylor 97 pts; 2nd: Malcolm Gerrish 86 pts; 3rd: Arran Harmer 85 pts; 4th: Derek Smith 72 pts; 5th: Alec Harmer 64 pts; 

6th Andrew Foster 46 pts; 7th: Roland Blomfield 21 pts.

West Bay SAC

The juniors fished their latest match on the 5th June at West Bay, the weather was dry. Unfortunately, someone had forgotten to tell the fish that the comp was today, so the fishing was hard going with the competitors trying many different tactics to try and land the winner. Only one competitor was unable to catch a fish, but this wasn’t for the want of trying. In the end the winner was Sam Carter who managed to catch three fish for a weight of 213gms. Hopefully as the year progresses the fishing will improve.

1st Sam Carter 213gms

2nd Lidy Carter 117gms

3rd Aaron Chambers 61gms

The next junior match on East Pier West Bay is the Frank & Peggy Daw Memorial on 3rd July be on the pier by 11:50.

West Bay Sea Angling Club held their first Open boat match of this year on Sunday 13th June. Eleven anglers turned out to fish, on a bright hot almost windless day,
fishing for limited species only. The best two fish of each angler deciding the result. However, despite the perfect weather, the fishing was difficult and
only four anglers managed to ‘weigh in’ Species caught were Turbot, Thornback Ray, Pollock, Plaice and Bream

 James Barr who managed to catch a Turbot and Thornback Ray that led to him walking away with the major prizes, not only as the winner but also for
the best round fish, best flatfish and most species.


1st place James Barr

2nd place Gerry Reed

3rd place Graham Stephenson 

Best Round Fish: James Barr Thornback Ray.Best Flatfish: James Barr Turbot.Most Species: James Barr.

James Barr Winner West Bay SAC.

West Bay SAC

Saturday 3rd July saw the Juniors Annual Frank & Peggy Daw Memorial Trophy match on East Pier at West Bay. Unfortunately, we were unable to hold the match last year due to the Covid 19 restrictions.

This year five competitors turned out to fish for the trophy, on a warm, dry and breezy day.

All the entrants managed to catch some fish. There was a moment of excitement when the landing net was called for too land a large Ballan Wrasse of approx. 3lbs, alas it was not one of the juniors who caught it but a gentleman who was fishing on the pier at the time. A little bit later Lidy did catch a nice little Strap Conger Eel of 338gms, but unfortunately this was not enough for her to take first place and the trophy, this went to her brother Sam.

We would like to thank the Daw family for donating extra prizes for the top three winners.

Left to right: Richard “Tiny” Daw presenting the trophy on behalf of the Daw family to Sam Carter, next is Lidy Carter, Sophie Mather, Daniel Mather and stood up is Aaron Chambers.


Mid-week Recreational Fishing Trip 9th June 2021.

    On Wednesday 9th June six club members of Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club held a mid-week recreational fishing trip aboard “Mistress Linda” skippered by Phil Higgins out of Poole.

    With weather conditions ideal, little wind and a calm sea we headed out of Poole Harbour to a mark called Southbourne Rough.  The skipper dropped anchor and soon the target fish, black bream was being caught.  As the tide eased skipper Phil suggested we go drifting for plaice on the Dolphin Banks where a number of small plaice were caught.  Also, Neil Pullman had a nice tope estimated to weigh around the 5lb to 6lb mark.

    The day was booked to go bass fishing so when the tide started to pick-up, we headed out to a bank Phil knew.  Sadly, the wind was picking up which made fishing difficult so we only managed two drifts, with no success.  Therefore, we moved back into Poole Bay to a plaice mark where Neil Pullman caught a plaice of 1lb 12 1/8oz.

    The last half hour was fished on the High Bank where more bream, smoothhounds and dogfish were caught and a nice tub gurnard was caught by Steve Pitman.


Vernon Everitt Match Boat League Series 2021.

    On Saturday 19th June sixteen club members from Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club boarded three charter boats in Poole which were “Mistress Linda”, “Blue Duo” and “Shella’s Promise”.

    The three charter boats headed out of Poole Harbour into Poole Bay looking for marks to fish either by dropping anchor or drift fishing so the anglers could catch as many different species as possible in the allotted time.

    With light winds and dry conditions twenty-three different species were caught with each species being awarded different points.

    Ben Daniel was the overall winner with fifteen species and 464 points.  Ben also had the heaviest fish an undulate ray of 15lbs 8oz.

Results by Boat:

Shella’s Promise.

1st Paul Hollyoake 11 species 341pts, 2nd ED Taylor 12 species 332pts, 3rd Rod Giles 8 species 231pts,

4th Garth Smith 9 species 185pts, 5th Karl Bates 7 species 155pts.

Blue Duo.

1st John Bellarmy 14 species 437pts, 2nd Chris Rogers 14 species 425pts, 3rd Malcolm Stote 11 species 339pts,

4th Malcolm Gerrish 10 species 255pts, 5th Andy Southwick 7 species 171pts.

Mistress Linda.

1st Ben Daniel 15 species 464pts, 2nd Chris Ellis 12 species 426pts, 3rd Robin Lane 11 species 334pts,

4th Richard Day 12 species 330pts, 5th Mark Boldick 7 species 190pts, 6th Paul Wilson 6 species 157pts.


The 2nd Adult Win-Sum League 23rd June 2021.

    On Wednesday evening 23rd June eight anglers from Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club held the 2nd Adult Win-Sum League competition at Highcliffe.

    In breezy conditions species caught included whiting, smooth hound, sole, dogfish, black bream, mackerel, bass pouting and flounder.

    The longest round fish went to Paul Watson with a dogfish of 58cm.  The longest flat fish was won by Ben Daniel with a sole of 18cm.  The smallest fish of the evening went to Pete Chamberlain with a whiting of 9cm.  These competitions are on a measure and return basis.  Once the fish is measured it is gently returned to the sea.


1st Ben Daniel 4 fish 147pts, 2nd Glenn Short 3 fish 119pts, 3rd Pete Chamberlain 3 fish 82pts,

4th Billy King 2 fish 77pts, 5th Chris Ellis 2 fish 75pts, 6th Paul Watson 1 fish 63pts, 

7th Colin Saunders 2 fish and Malcolm Stote 2 fish 49pts.


The 3rd Adult Win-Sum League 8th July 2021.

    On Thursday evening 8th July eleven anglers from Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club fished their 3rd Adult Win-Sum League competition on the Lymington Sea Wall.

    The weather for the evening was dry and fine with species caught included bass, eels and gilthead bream.

    The longest round fish went to Paul Watson with a bass of 52cm.  The smallest fish of the evening went to Glenn Short with a bass of 11cm.  No flat fish were caught.  These competitions are on a measure and return basis so once the fish has been measured it is gently returned to the sea.


1st Chris Ellis 22 fish 527pts, 2nd Ben Daniel 21 fish 453pts, 3rd Paul Watson 13 fish 339pts, 

4th Billy King 14 fish 318pts, 5th Malcolm Stote 14 fish 307pts, 6th Glenn Short 12 fish 270pts, 7th Andy Richmond 9 fish 207pts, 8th Pete Chamberlain 9 fish 181pts, 9th Colin Saunders 6 fish 153pts and 10th Charlie Nash 4 fish 108pts.


Recreational Week-end Fishing Trip 10th July 2021.

    On Saturday 10th July eight members of Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club boarded Lymington charter boat “Last Laugh” skippered by John Skeggs.

    With a calm sea and light rain, we headed past Hurst Castle for a mark where bait fish could be caught, which we needed to catch our main target fish bass.  Fishing with feathers until the live bait tank was full, we then headed to a mark where the bass should be.

    Using float gear with live bait on the hook we proceeded to fish waiting for the floats to disappear under the water.  It wasn’t long before Tom Rutter’s float disappeared and the rod bent over with Tom bringing in the first bass weighing 6lb 11¾oz.  As we were drifting John had to keep going back against the tide to drift the same mark and he did this a number of times through-out the day.  A total of 15 bass were caught on the day.

Notable fish on the day Mark Boldick bass 9lb 12oz, George Dark bass 5lb 4oz, Alan Rutter bass 8lb 8oz and junior member Tom Harker bass 3lb 3¾oz.  


Large Boat Competition 11th July 2021

    For their July monthly Large Boat Competition eight members of Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club headed to a mark south of the Needles aboard Private Venture, skippered by Art Savage. With plenty of cloud cover and light winds it was ideal fishing conditions. First stop produced a few mackerel and then a move to a mark further out produced plenty of pout for everyone, plus several black bream to nearly 3lbs. Other fish included undulate ray, pollack and tope.  After slack water the rest of the day was spent targeting plaice, both on the drift and at anchor. In addition to plaice, dogfish and black bream also put in an appearance. Other species caught during the day included conger, tub gurnard and scad.


1st Alec Harmer 106 pts; 2nd Arran Harmer 95 pts; 3rd Malcolm Gerrish 95 pts (less fish); 4th Jane Hopkins 83 pts; 5th Mark Duncan 55 pts; 6th Roland Blomfield 50 pts; 7th Derek Smith 50 pts (less fish); 8th Andrew Foster 34 pts.

Monthly tote winners for June 2021.

1st Molly Moore, 2nd Jamie Munden, 3rd Brian Ansell, 4th Derek Smith and 5th Brian Rose.

Monthly tote winners for July 2021.

1st Gina Moody, 2nd Jamie Hawkhead, 3rd Rob Taylor, 4th Alan Martin and 5th Robert Flicos. 


8th Shallow Boat Competition 18th July 2021.

    On Sunday 18th July four club members from Lymington & District Sea Fishing Club held their 8th Shallow Boat Competition.  The weather was just great, sunshine from the start and a light breeze all day.  Fish caught included dogfish, black bream, bull huss, bass and wrasse.  These competitions are now run on a points system where points are awarded for fish and then it is released straight back into the sea.


1st Derek Smith 75pts, 2nd Adrian Moody 39pts, 3rd Brian Ansell 33pts and 4th Alan Martin 27pts

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