Thames Estuary Report May 2021

Thames Estuary report by Lee Bollingbroke

Well we are back chartering thank god and the virus is not causing us any problems now other than numbers of anglers we are allowed to take out which at the moment is six.When our anglers board our boat there temp is taken and hands sanitised and no one is allowed in the cabin but as we run a catamaran we still have plenty of shelter on board for our anglers to keep dry and out of the elements.Yes its been difficult but we can see light at the end of the tunnel now and anglers are feeling more confident in being with groups, also with most now having  had the jab every one is feeling more happier in groups and as we operate out in the fresh air I think there is nothing safer than a day out on a charter boat.Fishing started good with lots of rays coming aboard but these cold easterly winds just will not leave our shores and just as you think its warming up the forecasters are giving out cold easterly winds yet again which makes fishing difficult and slows the movement of our spring summer species like bass hounds and even the rays which were plentiful are keeping there heads down and have moved out in deeper water. Plenty of spur dogs have moved in when I say in they are still a species that stays several miles offshore so you have to steam off to get some sport we have had plenty of these fish but all around five to ten pounds so nothing massive.Two years ago we caught a record spur dog phoned the angling trust to see how we could claim the record and the answer was it would have to be bought ashore and weighed in a tackle shop with witnesses, obviously  this meant killing the fish to do this needless to say my angler was not prepared to do this and the fish was released, I think that the angling trust or who ever make the rules up need to get together and make changes to reflect the modern times we now live in.As I write this report we have forecasts of cold strong easterly winds again arrg !!!!! when will it warm up looks like cancelling trips again this week but that’s a charter skippers lot. 

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