Weymouth June 2021

Weymouth report by Paul Whittall

John Dory – Fish On 2

May has been unseasonably chilly, wet and windy…just to add to the ongoing problems regarding customer numbers as caused by the continuing Covid situation. The days that have been suitable for taking customers out to sea have produced some good results with a fine variety of species caught. Competition angling is always a great indicator of what is around with 

The first Flamer IV Seniors Competition (age over 50) taking place on a sunny breezy day in mid-May with the 

anchoring sessions over  reefs and banks producing congers, tope, small -eyed (to 9lb 8oz) and spotted rays, red gurnard, ballan wrasse plus the usual pouts and dogfish along with a  few bonus mackerel. 

Boats concentrating on flatfish have been rewarded with some excellent quality brill along with turbot. The real delight is in seeing so many quality plaice caught over several trips from several charter boats. Wouldn’t it be great if the spring plaice returned to Weymouth again…they were such a welcome bonus to start the season off arriving in mid-March on the Shambles Bank and often reaching specimen size for the area.

The inshore fishing has also produced some good sized tope.

May can be a good month for wrecking with cod joining the pollack and this year there have been some reasonable cod catches on the wreck trips that have managed to go ahead with the limited numbers allowed on-board the boats. The best cod have been in the 15b range which is a similar weight to the pollack. A few ling have also shown up.

There have also been some good sized bass taken from the Portland marks.

June will hopefully see an general improvement on the wrecking with more cod about. June usually sees a decline in the pollack catches but with such a limited amount of attention on them, the wrecks may keep producing right throughout the summer. June also sees the start of some serious conger sessions which are likely to produce ling on mackerel baits fished at anchor.

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